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“Formal education will make you a living self education will make you RICH.” ~ Jim Rohn

“The earnings mentioned in this publication may not be representative of your actual results. Your success as a NHT Global distributor depends upon your individual effort and enterprise. Personal testimonials reflect individual experiences of NHT Global independent distributors and are not typical of the results you may obtain. Earnings depend on a number of factors including individual effort, time and the area in which you live. The results described here are substantially higher than the average results achieved by all distributors during the same time period. All references to income, implied or stated, in the NHT Global Compensation Plan are for illustration purposes only. NHT Global does NOT guarantee that anyone will earn any level of income, or any income at all. Earnings from the NHT Global Compensation Plan, if any, will depend solely on each person’s effort, skill, and ability.”

***Steamteam.ca has been created by independent distributor of NHT Global Joe Garcia as a means to educate and train his Global business partners….


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